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Medical job boards say the competition is not a Monster
Mass High Tech
November 25, 2002
By Patricia Resende

Richard Kneece and his team of four employees say they are not taking on the Monster, but they are going head to head with the medical version of Godzilla,

Kneece is founder and chief executive of Massachusetts Technology Corp., a company he started in 1999 when the bottom was falling out from under the high tech community.

Five employees and three years later, the company has launched several medical-oriented job sites including,, and — catering to the medical profession.

Kneece, who has a background in training and education, decided to launch Massachusetts Technology Corp. after starting Trainerquest, a company that connects employers with training professionals, instructional designers, technical writers and other knowledge management experts.

“I ran it as a side business while at Granitar,” Kneece said. “After I left Granitar, three of us took the technology (from Trainerquest) and ported it over to other industries.”

The Trainerquest site is still up and running, but Kneece has since shifted his focus to all of the “hire” Web sites.

“The vision of these career hubs is they are job sites with some career resources,” he said.

Combined, the four sites have a total of 25,000 resumes posted, and they list job openings from employers including Genzyme Corp., Pfizer Inc. and Biogen Inc.

Natick-based Massachusetts Technology Corp. and its competitors are entering a market with hundreds of companies looking for highly skilled individuals.

There are 275 biotech companies in the Bay State that employ more than 26,000 people, according to data compiled by the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council.

Of those 275 companies, 77 were founded between 1999 and 2002, and MTC is targeting that group.

Biogen alone has listed more than 100 job positions on various online job boards. The company would not disclose its strategy in choosing which sites to post job opportunities.

And Novartis, which is launching the Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research Inc. in Cambridge, plans to initially hire 400 people and to grow that number to 900 within a few years.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, total employment in the pharmaceutical industry will increase by 23 percent through 2005.

MTC has to go up against well-established players to compete for that market share. The company’s biggest competitors are,, and

Kneece said he isn’t afraid of the Monster’s of the world. In fact, he said that he does not compete with them.

Still, reports that in 2002, 3 percent of all nationwide biotech jobs were posted on its site. Nearly 5.6 percent of available Massachusetts biotech jobs were posted on Monster last month.

“I’ve got to tell you the truth, when we have a prospect and have other competitors, we don’t run into Monster or,” Kneece said. “We are finding that it is not hard to pull clients from those guys.”

Job seekers who are visiting the various “hire” Web sites are either already in those industries or are trying to get into it, Kneece explained., a pharmaceutical career Web site launched by Career Innovations Inc., also focuses on pharmaceutical and biotech jobs, and, developed by BioSpace Inc., provides industry content to users and includes a job-searching tool.

Kneece’s company plans to distinguish itself by offering e-learning courses and other online, industry-focused resources to its job seekers.

Massachusetts Technology’s long-term vision is to build e-learning tools. In the second quarter next year, the company will launch its first course in pharmaceutical sales.

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